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    時間:2023-02-10 08:44:05 英文求職信 我要投稿





      Dear leaders:

      First of all, thank you for an ordinary graduates for taking the time to read the cover letter!

      I do not have university qualifications, nor is it what Dr. Masters, in the school during the not winning more, but I have my own love and pursuit. In addition to complete their studies, I also read books and participate in social practice, their confidence, passion for life, request your company for giving me an opportunity, let me prove that my performance ability, and with my unique ability to create benefits due.

      I graduated from the Shandong Institute of Business and College English Majors, results in general, Japanese do not highlight the results, but they can speak English fluently and those who speak Japanese as well as communication. School, I majored in journalism, since that achieved excellent results, once planned to apply for the Graduate, Renmin University of China, and will very firm, but the end for family reasons and has no choice but to give up. In addition, I have been self-study economics, sociology and law, a wide range of interest, are covered. University during my spare time mostly spent in the library, in particular, often go to newspapers and periodicals reading room, with a variety of newspapers, reviews and features like.

      I love writing, three hours wrote a 150,000 word novel - destiny", but due to lack of funds, failure to publication. To enter university, the campus is doing during a press, but also wrote a large number of communications and information. Of course, there are many novels, essays and poetry, scattered on my blog.

      Sophomore year, I also have been set up called the "old tree" magazine, readers, there has been quite a good reputation. During this period, regardless of editing or engage in business, I have accumulated a lot of experience, it is also my firm belief that the newspaper industry into the future.

      Holidays, I have been with the students participated in social surveys, and write a report every time; I did advertising salesman, managers often deal with the boss; lobbied for sponsorship, cultural and recreational activities have been planned; made tabloid press; been engaged in a propaganda.

      I hope your company can not accept me, in my dedication and efforts, and work together for a better tomorrow to write a brilliant poem.




      In reply to your advertisement in the JobsPower。com of June 2, I wish to say that I am seeking the kind of position you offer。

      I am nineteen years old,and expect to graduate from the Morrison Hill Technical College this month。 During three years of the course I have been working with many kinds of machinery and have helped to set up and repair the machinery in one of the school shops。

      My father is a driver, and I have helped him in repairing automobiles。 I can repair cylinders and rig up steering wheel。

      Enclosed you will fine a copy of my resume and my photo。 I believe they may be found satisfactory。 Concerning my character I am permitted to refer to Mr。H。L。Sled。 Head of the Mechanical Section of the College。

      Yours truly


      Dear leaders:


      Thank you for your busy schedule to read my written, I hope that this is to show their talent and realize self-worth a good beginning.

      I Anhui Vocational and Technical College 20xx, a graduate of architecture, with respect to your company and longing, I wrote a letter sincerely cover letter to show you I am a totally real.

      While studying at the school, I strictly abide by school rules and regulations, respect for teachers, united students, have a strong collective sense of honor; seriously hard to learn, attention to integrating theory with practice, and actively participate in the practice, and internship activities.

      Post-secondary education in three years I have professional knowledge of the theory, during the school year the activities of the internship so that I can experience the spirit of a more enhanced and the ability to endure hardship. Todays professionals need for multi-level, prompted me to and strengthen the self, I took part in the National Computer Rank Examination and successfully passed a level. Proficient in AutoCAD drawing software, familiar with the Internet network, some knowledge of computer installation and maintenance. Personal view is that computer use in the construction (drawings, renderings, decoration, advertising design, budget, etc.) to play their strengths.

      Changes in todays world market, is extremely fierce competition among all walks of life, you would like strong competition, such as forest and add an invincible force it? The success of the cause of the need for knowledge, perseverance, sweat, the perfect combination of opportunities. Similarly, the need for a company the honor of carrying her carrier - selfless people. I urge your company for giving me a chance, let me become one of you, I will be very enthusiastic and hard working your return, and very happy to work with colleagues in the future for the cause of our common dedication all the intelligence in good faith.

      Thriving business,

      Bess wish!


      April 13,20xx P.O. Box 36

      BIIT University

      Beijing,China 100000 Dear Sir/Madam: Please consider me for your Sales Management Program. My background is one of selling ideas, concepts and programs, and of motivating myself and others to realize our potential. Attitudes predict behavior - or so goes the saying in sales. If this holds true, I am sure to be as successful in sales management as I am in my college endeavors. My unceasing optimism, self-determination and ability to set goals have allowed me to achieve academic and personal objectives. Because of my can do attitude, sales will provide the challenge and opportunity to continue my successful history of setting and achieving goals. Please allow me the opportunity to elaborate on how my background predicts sales success. I guarantee youll be providing your corporation with an outstanding sales management . Thank you for your attention. Sincerely, Deng Yun


      Shanghai Foreign Service Co., Ltd

      406 Maoming Mansion, 580 Maoming Rd(S)

      Luwan District, Beijing 100000 Dear Mr. Director, I am currently working on Master Degree in International Commercial law at Fu Dan University. My supervisor Mr. Liu Mingyu, a well-know professor of law, tells me that SFSC specializes in recommending qualified personnel to muti-national companies and suggests that I contact you for recommendation. During the two years of studies at Fu Dan University, I have not only acquired a lot of knowledge of international commercial law, but learned two foreign languages as well -English and Japanese. Moreover, I have published two papers in the university journal on problems that may arise after China's entry to WTO. And they have been favorably accepted. I am enclosing a resume, copies of my published papers, and Professor Liu's letter of recommendation. I sincerely hope you wil introduce me to a famous multi-national company, to which I will dedicate myself. Truly yours, lin xiaolin


      xi meng

      dec,10th 20xx

      dear miss lin,in searching for employment opportunities on the internet, i learned of a job vacancy in the sales representative of your company. i believe that my qualifications match the requirements you have listed for the position.

      i am very organized, i am a self-motivated worker, and enjoy working in ge, especially trough the past three intern experience in this pleasant workplace.with a sound educational background demonstrated and a keen desire to be part of a professional firm, i am submitting my resume and wish to apply for the position referred above. i hold the belief that i will make positive contribution to ge.

      you require i offer

      l fresh graduate with degree preferred bachelor in business with competitive

      in business academic performance

      l outstanding leadership skills with internship experience in different

      good record of extra-curriculum industries as well as association

      activities leader

      l excellent analytical skills and team succeed in bringing order out of chaos

      spirit and cooperate with team colleagues

      l excellent interpersonal skills, able coordinate wide range

      to communicate with different people cross-department associates with different background and opinion

      l quick learner, energetic, willing to familiarize analytical software in

      work under pressure and tough two weeks and complete presentation

      environment within right agenda as a newcomer

      l fluent oral and written english, cet-4 passed, micros windows 20xx

      skilled pc operator proficient user certificate

      thank you for your time and consideration and i anticipate the opportunity tomeet with you to further discuss my qualification and your needs.

      sincerely,xi meng


      Since 1999, many organizations have participated in the School for teachers of information technology training, given all the teachers said the school Animator, Flash, Authoware software, and this semester I have a history of high-group collective group lesson preparation to the group talk about three other teachers how to use Flash, Photoshop software, courseware production history, by history teacher Teaching and Research Group Leader and Members alike.

      Second, in terms of education:

      Since the beginning of 20xx as class work, brought about by the class of outstanding achievement, in 20xx, two years in a row in 20xx was named outstanding teacher. At the same time, Yangquan a forum in his "big cattle Forum" moderator, opened up a "class forum", "心靈驛站" and other columns, a number of themes arising from the strong response of students, such as: "the class teacher and students can become a friend? "" how to deal with students online to play all night? "," Student Case Analysis "and other themes, students often respond to the theme of communication through the Internet so that teachers learn more about the mental activities of students, but also with the students do not meet online frank exchanges, strengthening the future of targeted education students to create the conditions laid the foundation. At the same time also strengthened between the class teacher, class teacher and student exchanges and communication between.

      Advise their students to actively participate in various extra-curricular competition in 1999, the third in the national patriotism education in primary and secondary school students in the competition, won the outstanding teacher award in 20xx primary and secondary school students across the country to celebrate the 80 anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party education activities won the Outstanding Teacher Award for guidance.

    Third, teaching and research areas:

      1, to write theses. Since the edge from the work involved in teaching, while pay attention to summing up of education, teaching experiences and lessons with the case, and written papers.

      June 1998, thesis on "extra-curricular activities and historical analysis of classroom teaching with examples," a film by the Chinese urban social income "excellent collection of teaching experience in education reform."

      August 1998, the preparation of the "distribution of Yangquan moral education and the development and utilization of resources," a book by the City Archives, the Urban Institute file information as the development of the outcome of the file first.

      June 20xx, thesis on "the history of modern education technology and innovative teaching education" by the Chinese Research Association for Education and intelligence as the outstanding achievements of the academic committee of the first prize.

      In 20xx, the paper "Innovation education in the application of modern educational technology" has been published into the Radio "Chinese teachers books," The first series of "history lesson students study innovative capacity-building" in the.


      Thank you for reading my cover letter and resume. I study in xx school, business English majors in 20xx.6 month graduation.

      Multiple times in social work, cause me to understand when you need personal defying hardships to strive, cannot escape from any, brave to face it.

      I have enough courage and confidence to face the challenge, complete the boss gave me each work.

      For career and the future, I will pursue; For failure and setbacks, I have enough courage and perseverance to embrace life every challenge! I dare not assert that I was the best, but please believe that I will surely is the most hard! The most active! If HuiNa, I will take every care. Stepping into the 21st century China, the competition will be more and more intense, large quantities of outstanding talented person#39;s demand, enable the human resources management talent facing severe tests and will take "strives hard took aim at will attack, firm the confidence move ahead in defiance of difficulties" continue to work hard

      The past does not represent the future, diligence is the real meaning, the practical work, I believe I can adapt themselves to the working environment, familiar with the business in the practical work, and keep learning, and constantly improve themselves, completes the work.

      Thank you!


      首先感謝您閱讀我的求職信及簡歷。 我就讀于xx省xxx商務英語專業,將于20xx.6月畢業。



      對于事業與未來,我會執著追求;對于失敗與挫折,我會坦然面對。我有足夠的勇氣與毅力,去迎接生命里的每一次挑戰!我不敢斷言我是最優秀的,但請相信我定將是最努力!最積極的!若為惠納,我將盡心竭力。 步入21世紀的中國,競爭會越來越激烈,對大批優秀人才的需求,使人力資源管理人才面臨嚴峻的考驗,將以“奮力攻艱志在必奪,堅定信心知難而進”繼續努力




      相關熱點: 英語求職面試面試主題



      First please allow me to extend my sincere greetings and best wishes, thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter and wish your organization business thriving, flourishing!

      I am a tourism management, Jiangxi Institute of Education in school sophomore, recently informed of your travel agency is recruiting guides, I hope to have the opportunity to travel to your work.

      In school, I study hard and expertise, and its invested enormous enthusiasm and energy, and after careful study and textbook knowledge, I have actively participated in the training practice, and have achieved certain results, and I in 20xx through a national tour qualification examinations and obtain the certificate in 20xx, took part in the May-June tour of Jiangxi Education with the mission of training and practice, accumulated some work experience in the spare time I read the back carefully attractions guide words, I learned there skills, knowledge and grasp of the relevant industry information, and for speech training, exercise his eloquence, there is a strong practitioner with knowledge and skills. I'm good at storytelling, character, cheerful living waves, like with people, able to handle all types of emergencies, in two practical activities have been recognized by tourists. I usually like sports, and physical well to hard-working, for me, the guide is a challenging, interesting work, I have it full of enthusiasm!

      I look forward to learning has been used, eager to practice their knowledge can be the test, but looking forward to enrich my experience and life experience. I believe I will do in this wonderful work. Expect you to give me a stage to show their!



















      quality:have a strong senseofre


      confidence;haverichcreativity,positive,have a strong team spiritand dedication spirit .

      work:practical、prudent,responsible,cautious,and have strong organiz ational management and coordination

      capacity,adaptability,learning,and toaccept new things quickly,have a strong desiretosucceed .


      I have learned is the professional management of industrial and commercial enterprises, but I do not rigidly adhere to professional constraints, of all walks of life are full of confidence and love. Of course, in the spare time, I like to do is to read the Exercise and Sport . I like to see some kind of inspirational books, like her spare time for basketball, soccer and other ball games! I think that there is no good physical work conditions can not be backed up, there is no more flexible mind can not be!

      Optional wood and good bird habitat, allow disabled persons to friends. An opportunity to co-operate, to me is a good start, for you are a wise choice. I was a Chollima, as you are pursuing the ability and insight to such a re - The horses only. sincerely hope you can give me a play to realize the value of life, in order to effect social development opportunities. language can only be moved by the people of time, the ability to prove I can. I believe that under your wise leadership, in my diligence efforts, tomorrow I will become a member of your organization best. My credo is: Opportunities favor only those people who are fully prepared.

      I wish you every success for the cause。

      Waiting for your good news!




      Dear Mr. Director,

      I am currently working on Master Degree in International Commercial law at Tsinghua University. My supervisor Mr.Wang, a well-know professor of law, tells me that SFSC specializes in recommending qualified personnel to muti-national companies and suggests that I contact you for recommendation.

      During the two years of studies at Tsinghua University, I have not only acquired a lot of knowledge of international commercial law, but also learned two foreign languages as well ,they are English and Japanese. Moreover, I have published two papers in the university journal on problems that may arise after China‘s entry to WTO. And they have been favorably accepted.

      I am enclosing a resume, copies of my published papers, and Professor DA‘s letter of recommendation.

      I sincerely hope you will introduce me to a famous multi-national company, to which I will dedicate myself.





      first of all, thank you for your busy schedule to take time to read my cover letter.

      i am a about to graduate in XX, jilin university school of informatics students, the school is a computer professional.

      university for four years, i learned a wealth of expertise and their ability to exercise. through four years of studying, i have the c language, assembly language, compiler principle, powerbuilder, database theory, and object-oriented c + + and vc + +, etc. have a certain understanding of windows programming. i also had extra-curricular learning delphi programming, asp dynamic pages and web-based database. learn the computer must have a strong level of foreign language, i am fairly good results in the continuity of the state through the cet examination, is now capable of reading and translation of computer data. also worth mentioning is the use of spare time i had to pass microsoft's mcse (microsoft certified system engineer), mcp + i (microsoft certified professional + internet), as well as cisco's ccna2.0 (cisco certified network association). two sets in the it industry certification, i have a wealth of expertise.

      into the school since, i take full advantage of a wide range of spare time to participate in social practice. have been done in two internet companies, such as network management and technicians work part-time. accumulated a wealth of practical experience, especially in network management and maintenance.

      if fortunate enough to join, i can your company's local area network dedicated to the design and implementation, as well as maintenance, wan or lan switching and routing design and maintenance.

      finally once again thank you for your patience in reading my cover letter.


      Dear Handan xx hospital leadership:

      Hello! Thank you for taking the time to start my cover letter, I was a series of Guiyang Medical College, in clinical medicine (in the direction of Integrative Medicine) 20xx final year students.

      After six years of university study north, south to medical school, With strict professional attitude of humility, the spirit of benevolence doctors professional ethics, to be with a teachers guidance, I believe I can go to outstanding clinicians and acupuncturists direction .

      Heard so much about your hospital is the professional medical standards, skilled treatment techniques, quality service attitude to social recognition. Your hospital keep the entrepreneurial spirit, comfortable and harmonious working environment, teachers and teaching methods, the pursuit of doctors who benevolence of the concept makes me very professional admiration. Want to be the embodiment of one of them, the platform for a common philosophy and firm to complete their chosen career.

      My academic performance are in the upper reaches. Western medicine more than the range of learning English, can accommodate complicated, break the routine, but creative. I examination capability may not be superior, but music in scholarship, and constantly self-charging.

      School nearly six set, the initial conditions into the clinicians basic quality. While in practice, combined with clinical, self-study Auricular acupuncture therapy to the number of patients during treatment, and achieved a certain effect, received more profound study of the bodys career in medicine doctor benevolence way.

      Monsanto Hospital of Guangxi during his medical clinic with the teacher trainee, preliminary master of acupuncture techniques in the treatment of patients up to 200 people, familiar with common medical and acupuncture, to broaden the thinking; in western Guangxi University Affiliated Ruikang hospital internship, master of the clinical basic skills and diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, and understand the thinking of clinical syndrome differentiation and communication skills with patients; In addition, in Lucky and China, the Chinese game centers and other large companies planning cooperative projects, so I create a more systematic and comprehensive way of thinking and and social, interpersonal, communication a certain ability to the company; to Beijing to study the experience of well-known colleges and universities to enrich the reading, and learned to take it lightly in the face of setbacks capacity. I believe these make the work can be multi-faceted thinking, flexible, coordinated approach teamwork and interpersonal relations.

      Today, the health care system, physician-patient relationship in the continuous improvement in the period there will be complex and diverse temporary, doctors face not only the treatment of diseases, as well as a range of issues, so responsible, thinking, jumping, insight, patience and strong adaptability, I, acupuncture, medical psychology, environmental, and planning editorial photography, yoga is my specialty. Practice of doctors who have been hoping to line benevolence concept in the medical profession as a physician-patient multi-seeking related to each other needs. Sincerely hope that under your leadership for this worthy cause aggressive.

      Finally, please accept my most sincere gratitude, I wish success in your work!



      Zijian: Wang xx

      In January 20xx xx xx Day


    Dear leader,

      A: hello!

      I am a fresh graduate of XX university English major. After four years of college education and college life, facing new opportunities and challenges, I have been more committed to the life creed of "self-confidence, self-reliance, diligence and modesty".

      XX foreign language university is a famous English language training base in China, and is famous for its rigorous scholarship and good education. Under such learning environment, I truly realized the fun of learning English and determined to be a people's teacher education career to devote himself to English, both in the intellectual capacity, or in terms of quality accomplishment, I benefit a lot.

      "Learning to be a teacher, being a teacher" is a warning I have always remembered. In this way, I have worked hard in my four years in college to constantly enrich myself and adjust myself. During the school period, I started from the characteristics of English major, and strictly required myself in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. The subjects achieved good results. In the second year, I passed the professional cet-4 exam with good results. In the third year, I passed the band 6 exam with good grades. Now I am actively preparing for the national English major test.

      At the same time, I have learned a lot of extracurricular knowledge, read the original works, newspapers and magazines, and frequently participated in the academic reporting activities of the departments, extending the breadth and depth of knowledge. Good command of English business letter and timely translation of all kinds of daily documents, fluent communication in English. In the second foreign language French also has a certain listening ability. Proficient in office software and Windows operating system, proficient in various documents. Besides, I also participated in various English major related training and teacher certification training organized by the school. He won four scholarships in four years.

      I am cheerful, optimistic, confident, steady, humorous, sincere and practical, people warm, sincere. Work conscientiously, actively, can bear hardships and stand hard work. With strong organizational skills, practical ability and teamwork spirit, I can quickly adapt to various environments and integrate them. At school, I have a good relationship with my classmates. In all kinds of social practice activities, such as tutor, sales and promotion of various enterprises and institutions, I have established good interpersonal relations with my colleagues. These social practice work make me have a keen insight, independent thinking, judgment, determination of style and team cooperation spirit, the most important is learned the way of life. My solid professional skills and accumulated social experience have made me confident that I can do the work required by your university.

      My knowledge, courage and insight expect your appreciation! My heart, love and confidence will also help you to achieve great ambition!

      I wish you a pleasant job!

      Applicant: XXX

      20 xx xx xx day












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